Tellers I was advised by Arvest Bank Management to write the judge a letter to sign after I took all my legal papers from court proving I had won a decision for "writ of Garnishment", when I really needed a "Order to Pay" signed by the judge, mailed by the court. Why can't management be trained in proper precudure.

This is my frist experience with Arvest Bank and it will be the last.

No way would I let them manage my money when they can not manage proper procedure. Tellers need better training on minding their own work space.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #746631

This is to "Hear And Now" and also to "Barry".Banks are alway's trying to give advice as to what you should do and What you should not do ok.I know because i had a situation with another bank about a "Power Of Attorney".I had a "Power Of Attorney" For my brother when he passed away.I carried the "Power Of Attorney" To the bank right.But the bank did not want to release the remainder of his money to me.They tried to tell me that i needed to hire an attorney to get the money from the bank right.I am like WTF.I have an "Power Of Attorney" How do you think i got it free?Well these "*** *** Bank People" Still refuse to give me my brother's money and Sent the remainder of his money to the "Unclaimed Property Division".As of this day i am still trying to get the money back.I have all the documentation that i need,But because the bank was so bent on not releasing the money to melook what happen.This is all their fault the bank.Trust the bank,Are you serious.I say "F--- the bank.They are dumb *** people that do not know their job's.Sorry piece of "S---.

Rogers, Arkansas, United States #677780

Tellers are not attorneys and cannot (and should not) give legal advice. Why would you expect a teller to know something like that. Next time consult an attorney.


Why are you talking to tellers about the garnishment process? It's a back office issue.

Why are you seeking legal advice (i.e.

about how to properly levy funds) from bank tellers? Unless I misunderstood your post, I think your frustration would be better directed at the mirror rather than the bank.

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