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I ended up with Arvest Mortgage and have had a terrible experience with this company. I closed on a mortgage with them in October of 2017 with 10% down and set them a huge check with a note to pay the mortgage down to 60% (and made a phone call) to remove PMI in December of 2017.

They dropped the ball, didn't remove the PMI and have been charging me ever since. They conveniently can't find my letter I sent with the check and claim they listened to the phone call I made that was recorded but won't play it for me. This company is a bunch of crooks and now I am stuck with them. Customer service has hardly cared to try and correct this.

My house is 58% loan to value on a conventional loan and I am STILL paying PMI. This issue is still not resolved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arvest Bank Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $900.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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All you have done is call ? That's a large, elliptical zero for you. Your complaint must be placed in writing and served via Certified Mail return receipt requested ; no more "lost" letters and a lucid timeline.

to Anonymous #1563527

No, they lost the letter I sent them with my check I sent to pay the mortgage down. You are right though, I needed to do that certified mail, but my bad for trusting my mortgage company and expecting to do their job.

Lesson learned. They cashed the check, so I assumed they got the letter.

to Anonymous #1563545

Blaming the customer for not sending certified mail! How about Arvest doing their job and taking care of their customers!

This person called and sent a letter, and you give them a zero? How about a big zero for Arvest because someone at the company didn't follow through?

Wow! This person who commented probably works for Arvest!

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