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Tried to get a $1,200.00 loan with my son, in order to help him build some credit, he makes $2,100.00 dollars a month with no bills, I would have been co-borrower and they turn him down, because he hasn't been working for one company for more then 12 months.

will be moving to another bank who will be a little more level headed. wish Mr.

Bob would have kept NBA, lot more personal, no putting you on hold or sent to customer service and being put on hold.

takes 4 times for the ATM to take your card. stinks!

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I you really wanted to build some credit for your son, why didn't you open a CD secured loan? Or a secured credit card?

Both report the same to a bureau and he would have almost certainly been approved for either one.

FYI, most banks have guidelines set place for loans. Changing those guidelines on a case by case basis gives appearance to preferential treatment and that is frowned upon by government regulators, even if its just a case of common sense.

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