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I had bad experience with Arvest Bank here in Russellville, AR. My advice is don’t get any loan from them.

They are nice to you before you signed the paper, after that, good luck.When we were buying our house, we were qualifying for FHA loan, and we were looking for a bank that WON’T sell our loan for our convenience. We were originally going to Simmons in town, then the real estate sells woman told us Arvest is the one we need to go, because Simmons sells their loans. So we went to Arvest and asked the loan officer about the loan we are getting, we made sure that we told her we need a FHA loan and with not straight mercy money rules and we don’t want our loan be sold because we like the convenience of easy access and we like to have our questions answered in timely manner. The loan woman in Arvest Bank told us: “we don’t sell our loans.”, “you are getting the FHA you want.” She was also acted nice at the time.

So we decided get the loan from Arvest instead of Simmons. And that was a mistake.It was the day we signed the paper, that I found she lied to us. After we sign our paper, while the lawyer bought the papers out to make copies, the woman from Arvest told us” OH! YOUR LOAN IS SOLD TO ANOTHER BANK, YOU WILL BE PAYING YOUR MORGEGE TO ANOTHER BANK NOT TO ARVEST.” -----of course, I was mad.Then the next day, I found one of the sheet they wanted me to sign has my name wrong, it listed one name that is not mine, and I have never used that name all my life.

We called the Arvest, and tell her what I found. She said she did not know where the names coming from, and there is no need to correct that. –---- I was really mad.It took me few days to figure out that they get the names from the credit reports. And I don’t know why, they couldn’t just tell me where they acquired the information that is related to me.

And after I told them the information is not accurate, and I want to correct it. All I got from them is they are mad at me because they think I cause them trouble. And they don’t even “allow” me to correct it. There is another thing that just happened not long ago, we are planning on relocating, so we need to find out how much mercy money can we have it back, if we sold the house.

So I called the woman, and she told me “ none.” And not acted nice at all.The conclusion: We were fooled since beginning.We are very disappointed at this bank.

We will not bank with them ever again.

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