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This bank I been with for about 1 year now. I thought they were a great bank until the day I went head to head about an simple invoice/bank error.

Now the true self came out from this bank. They were rude, did not help..made me find my own way of helping. And on top of that made ridicule remark "me love you long time".. All because I went straight to the bank manager since, his, not so helpful, very racism staff did not offer to help me.

After it was all said and done. They got a nerve to make remarks and laugh at me behind my back. Thinking I did not hear that rude remark. All I came in to bank was to deposit more money..what a waste of my time...Their are many minority people bnaking with them.

I wonder how they like to hear what and how this bank is thinking of them behind their backs? I didn't even get an apology! Teaching business communication to intercultural business is what the Arvest bank need.. Instead of spread gossip and taking breaks behind the doors.

Most of the time they are not even in their desk. I am standing for my rights. I do want respect. I am human, I have feelings.

I do not want to feel that I am *** and don't know what I am doing. I graduated high school. Went to Jr. College..Just because of my ethic backgrounds.

They have no right to turn their backs and laugh at me because I was like any normal person checking on an error?

Thank you for hearing me.

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The race card don't leave home without it.


Arvest does not do business in Texas, so how does this person have a banking relationship with Arvest bank?


I frankly have to agree with the general rude and incompetance of Arvest based on my latest trip there. I think its mainly a power trip thing, but again maybe thats because the main manager was gone when I was there and his little women that were around didn't have a clue what they were doing.

Maybe thats just a Broken Arrow, OK thing, the ones I have dealt with in Arkansas have always been super nice and helpful.

Thankfully this isn't my account, but a Grandparents I help with. My money would never be in their bank.


It seems like this person has a chip on his/her shoulder. Sometimes we bring wrath upon ourselves by being eccentric.


Arvest is rude to everyone, not just minorities.....they're a bunch of thieves and most of the people working there are idiots!


I doubt race had ANYTHING to do with your problem. Attitude more likely, the people at ANY Arvest I have been into has always been super.

they are great folks! I have been a customer for over 12 yrs now and not one time has anyone been rude no matter what issue i have been to see them about.


Arvest bank is an equal opportunity employer. They are not racist by any means.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #11238

Your race had nothing to do with your treatment.

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