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Arvest customer for over 30 years. Applied for a mortgage.

Everything in order. Qualified to purchase a property at least double the loan requested with credit score in excess of 700. Paid and received a grossly low-ball appraisal (20% less than another appraisal completed 8 months earlier), but well above the loan amount. To which I suspect is not an independent appraisal, rather one which they are pressured by the mortgage department to be lowish in order to get the customer to put more money down.

Electronically signed every document provided. Received "conditional approval" email with two conditions, which I addressed immediately and precisely. Set a closing date one week away. Closing was to be on a Monday, called my loan officer Friday afternoon to which I was told I was to submit additional information that was NOT mentioned on the "conditional approval".

The information requested was available to Arvest by simply looking at my banking history with THEIR bank! Provided the requested information immediately and precisely to the loan officer (spoke with him 3 times prior to confirm their specific request given its absurdity). And was denied the loan based upon lack of information that was actually specified by their loan officer. I gave them 100% of what was requested.

Do not believe ANYTHING they say or write. The loan processors freely lie and are grossly lacking communication skills.

A "conditional approval" is what it is, a mortgage to which is approval is based on condition(s), but when those conditions are fulfilled and Arvest submits specific additional conditions which are also fulfilled, then we have an issue of bad faith. I am closing my accounts and taking my business elsewhere after 30 years as a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arvest Bank Loan Officer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Am contemplating a consolidation loan; under $20,000. Was reading these reviews/posts and was going to continue, simply based on most of the other negative posts using poor grammar, etc.

Most of the issues seem self-induced. Your story, however, is well-written and shows that you intelligently proceeded w/ everything required and yet still were hung out to dry.

Sorry for your experience. I hope that you were able to find a reputable financial institution to complete your transaction.

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