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I telephoned Arvest Bank this morning (11/11/11) to inquire about having a power of attorney notarized for my son who is a disabled Iraq/Afghanistan veteran. I was told this could be done at the local Elkins, Arkansas branch. When we went in to the branch a teller by the name of Devon told us that "the people who issue our notaries won't let us notarize for anyone other than customers."

Notaries are issued by the state. The state does not limit the notary to only performing services for customers of a particular banking institution. I am sure that what was meant was it was a bank policy. A very poor bank policy in my opinion. Policies like this will prevent me from every setting foot in any Arvest Bank for any reason whatsoever.

Banks and notaries have a duty to the public. This duty was failed today by the Arvest Bank in Elkins, Arkansas. Not only was this duty failed to the public at large - but it was failed to a disabled veteran. A young man who placed his life on the line for his country, became disabled as a result of it and now is treated as though it doesn't matter. Bank policy is more important than the needs of our vets.

I urge everyone to boycott Arvest. Close their doors. They do not deserve your business. To them you are only money - not people - not valued customers.

Molly Bugher

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Banks are private, for-profit companies. Their loyalty is to their account-holding customers.

Although notary bonds are issued by the state, the state does not require a notary to provide his or her services to any and everyone. Notaries are not employees of the state and do not have "a duty to the public." I have worked in a bank in the past and I am a bonded notary and I have found that many people have the misconception that banks exist for the general public's convenience.

A bank is a business like any other, and the goal of a business is to make a buck. If you're not willing to pay for the service, you have can't complain.


While I agree that this was likely frustrating, it does not rise to the level of requesting a "boycott" of Arvest's services. One of the reasons why Arvest likely doesn't provide this service to non-account holders is the potential fear of being bombarded by request upon request even if there were to be a charge for the notary service. Obviously, this service is intended as a value added service for certain account holders and isn't really designed to be a paid service offering of the bank.


They have the right to do that if they want. Get over it.

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