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We used Arvest until them became overly interested in our personal travel and places we went to that was none of their business yet, the young girls that are extremely hateful in the main office in Del City think they have a right to call you names, make derogotory statements to you and about you, insulting you, screaming at you because you use your funds to pay your bills instead of just leave it in their bank.

Their bank pretends not to record your deposits if they are CASH deposits in a large amount.

It never posted for us, $1100 we deposited. I saved my receipt however, the girl said most people don't, that their 'machine' made a mistake. Well, they have camaras too that views the deposits. They tried to steal my money had I not saved my receipt.

People don't even have to show their ID to withdraw funds that caused theft from our account by the thousands! This is a very bad banking institution. Don't bank here they will cheat you if they get a chance. They did us and by that expierience I warn you.

They never asked for our ID in the Shawnee branch either which has never seen us before in their lives. CAUTION with this one.

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That’s a pretty nice work of complete fiction. There are so many things wrong with your complaint I couldn’t count them all.

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There's an interesting entity called the federal government that requires financial institutions to record transactions any time it exceeds a particular dollar amount. If you're upset that they're following federal protocol, you should dig yourself a hole in your backyard and store your money there.


I enjoy going to the Del City Arvest. The staff is friendly and helpful and I have never been yelled at or called a name or anything like what you attempted to describe. Sounds like you need to read your comment before you post next time.

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