Due to Karrie Harrington 15817 Brenton Hills Ave, Edmond OK 73013

Arvest Bank is the worst bank I have ever banked with in my life! They hire INCOMPETITIENT kids to operate their extremely SECURE information of their cilents resulting in identity thieft, mailbox thieves being able to cash, deposit and then take deposited funds from client's accounts. The last time I deposited $1,100 CASH the funds were not recorded into my account until I called and PROVIDED a RECEIPT as proof I deposited the funds. Bank One made a bad habit of doing the SAME thing to many of their clients, including me as does Arvest! They are attempting embezzeling client's cash deposits as I have found first hand. The excuse for it was that a 'machine' didn't function properly and 'most' people don't keep their receipts the so called, Samantha Counts 'supervisor' said. After going through this *** the Arvest bank RISK department decided to create a vendeta against me because I saved my receipt preventing them from stealing these funds from me.

When a CC company sent a CC check back to the bank unpaid I rushed to the bank to cover it while it was still pending. Immediately after I covered it this RISK person, Karrie Harrington, seeing the deposit was made at 10:40am closed my debit cards, my account, my husband's account after he had just received his paycheck for 2 weeks of $1,200 and shut off his debit card and account as well. When I sought help and reason for this atrocity, the main line of Arvest help called this power head Karrie Harrington, he told me that I would have to call Karrie Harrington to find out what had happened.

After speaking to this Karrie, she told me she called me at 9:30am and left a message, when I checked my recorder she had called at 10:44am. This was the time right after I had made the deposit to cover my account and when she had deviously shut my account off as well as my husband's the moment I covered our accounts.

She was very calculating just as the Arvest bank that attempted to embezzle my $1,100 deposit!

I called my bank manager that opened our account and told her my husband does not carry cash, waited 2 weeks for his check, had JUST recovered from surgery!

I covered the returned cc check in MY account and my husband had done nothing to deserve having his account shut down and our cards revoked. I explained to her my account had been covered, I had never let any insufficient funds surface if I could prevent it. I value my reputation.

The manager spoke with Karrie and told her we needed our debit cards to take care of it.

After another message from Paula, my bank manager, I returned the call to Karrie at Paula's request. Paula was outraged that I had called the main service number on the back of my debit card to find out why it had been shut off because they called her and bothered her. Then she screamed at me for having the bank manager, Paula, call her. I explained that I did not ask either to call her, all I wanted was THEM to help me reopen our debit cards for use as well as my husband's account. I told her it wasn't my intention to bother her, only to help my husband, that she could leave my account on hold until my check cleared to cover my account. I was being very polite, attempting to defuse her anger and vicious derogatory remarks.

She viciously attacked me more and more, made false accusations against my character. Ridiculed where I have ever taken funds out of my account, told me she was going to shut off my account AND leave my husband's account open because I dared to call the branch manager and the main help line. I told her she could not do that, there was no reason to close my account, I have not ever ceased to maintain it with all effort on my part in a timely manner.

She responded hatefully and defiently stated that she could do WHATEVER she wanted, that she could use my deposits, my withdrawls against me, call me whatever she wanted, do whatever she wanted to me in a hateful tone with difiant Superiority DELUSIONS OF GRANDURE! She attacked my character, defaming my person, my intentions as well as my integrity. She pusehd me TOO FAR! I was trying to be nice to this hateful hag that has NO feelings whatsoever. She might treat her poor daughter that way but NOT me! Respect your elders Karrie the Terrie wife.

I am tired of being VICTIMIZED by liars behind so called badges! I was burglarized, had to change my credit cards for new ones, the thieves sole my computer, all my personal information in a home invasion, my personal items and was caught with my computer by the POLICE! I explained this to this arrogant know it all {{Redacted}} on the other line, she didn't care, she was going to 'punish' me she said for bothering her! I told her to forward my call to her supervisor, she told me she would AFTER she spoke to the supervisor first! "You going to cover your rear before I talk to her huh?" I asked. She kept saying the call was being recorded, I told her GOOD! Her supervisor could see what a *** she was by her conversation with me!

Needless to say, this Karrie manipulated my account to show my $4,000 deposit I made that day to head under DEBIT instead of DEPOSIT. The manipulation of my account is so grossly decharaized by this person that it is not anywhere near accurate. It shows withdrawls that I didn't make, it shows deposits as debits! DO NOT BANK WITH THIS CORRUPT BANK they will do the same thing to YOU! They have little standards of secure transactions. Someone deposited an unsigned cc check into my account, they allowed it and submitted the funds! The supervisor over Samantha told me she would repromand these hateful workers but her was as big a lie as Samantha and Karrie's lie. She didn't do ONE thing to help me, instead she assisted THEM in destroying my account! BeWARE! These people are out to cheat you, abuse you, critisize you then throw you out like trash.

{{Redacted}} I am looking for a lawyer to sue all of you!!Including Kelly, the so called, president of the bank that allows this abuse and illegal activity to continue.

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I notice you posted this in 2008...it's now 2018. How is your vendetta for exposing this bank for what they truly are going for you? I haven't seen anything about Arvest embezzling etc...I did see they just aquired Bear State Bank :) Looks like they are doing ok to me.


This story is laughable. Working in the customer service industry myself, I realize you simply can't please everyone, but there are better ways to handle your rage.

This not being one of them. I see this type of defamatory bludgeoning all the time online. It's the easiest way for cowards to fight back. Typically these rage posts are submitted by someone who exaggerates, bends the truth and most likely isn't giving the full, or real story.

Moving on with my day. How embarrassing.....for the poster.


Wow, this really makes you look like a retarded ***.... i suggest you remove this before other people figure it out as well....


I am a 60 Year-old Customer with ARVEST since 2006. I am from HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS however; I now live in San Juan Capistrano, CA where I am a "JAZZ GUITARIST." I have to admit, although I am "SENILE" & suffer from "DEMENTIA" to some extent, I have ALWAYS been treated VERY WELL by the ARVEST BENK People.

I reckon because I am a Country Hick with a PRENOUNCED DEEP SOUTHERN accent, and believe in being COURTEOUS to LADY-FOLK. (Yes, it can be seen as Flattery! But these folks Manage my Money, and I try to treat them WELL to insure reciprocal treatment.) OTHER BANKS, "REGIONS, FIRST NATIONAL, WELL-FARGO, BANK OF AMERIkkkA," all FIT THE PROFILE described above, but then, I USED TO WORK for the CITY of EDMOND, OKLA. in 1969; (I WAS A GARBAGE MAN!) & THOSE OKIES are EFFETE SNOBS!

I talked to my DENTIST, who's DURGHTER is a UNIVERSITY FRESHLADY there at OSU, she said "I WOULD NOT recognize EDMOND now-a-day! IT'S A CLOSED, SELF RIGHTEOUS, SELF SERVING "MONIED" COMMINUTY. Perhaps the Lady should NOT blame the BANK, per se, rather the TYPE OF PEOPLE she must endure, living in such a BERG! I just know; EVEN in 1969, with my WIFE & I MARRIED less than a year, I THOUGHT I HAD THE BEST JOB IN HISTORY, a GARBAGE MAN!


I bought a ONE OWNER 1956 BUICK CENTURY from a DEAR ELDERLY LADY, and PAID CASH! (That was a 13 Year Old Car!) ...The Work was EASY for a 19 Year Old Country Man....oh well, Life Used to be So Wonderful, until JIMMY CARTER....but I AM STILL a Democrat.


wow, what a bunch of ***... seems to me you have had these same issues at other banks (bank one) and bad credit card checks, poor grammar and spelling...

calling people Satanists?? senile supervisors? what do you really think? and why should we believe you> Seems like a very secure bank was making sure that a confirmed hot credit card check was being recovered and not a loss to the bank or it's other investors.

Makes good sense to me.

I seriously doubt you were screamed at by a bank employee.. shame on you for exaggerating your foolishness...


You have the wrong Karrie Harrington...just thought I would let you know :D

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